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The Higher Realms

The descriptions of the higher planes are purely based on theory passed down through the ages by the occult and secret societies. I can only give descriptions based on what literature I have read regarding these.

The Buddhic Plane

The Buddhic plane resides just above the Upper Mental Plane. It is the last attainable plane to humans while still living in a physical sense. There is no subtle body as such that corresponds with this plane and the reason for this is that it is above the highest limit of individuality, and exists as part of the Higher Self. It is a place where everything exists in unity. It is a place of universality and oneness; love and peace. If you were to reach this place, you would likely not wish to return. It is a place where you would feel like you were one with everything; an understanding of your true nature with the universe and individuality would have no meaning to you anymore. You would still retain the awareness of the ‘Self‘, though you would feel as if you were one with your own creation and being.

The At(o)mic Plane

Above the Buddhic Plane lies the At(o)mic Plane, which is the highest limit of Material Being and where there exists no individuality. This is a very spiritual place, which is filled with radiant silver light that would be impossible for us to look at physically without being blinded. In reaching this plane however, it would seem very bright yet soft and filled with love.

Some people have claimed to have had visions of this plane but I have found no reference to any live person reaching this place through conscious projection. It is believed that only when we are finished with our life cycles on the Physical Plane and ready to ascend spiritually, can we actually reach this plane of existence.

The At(o)mic Limit & Great Planes

The upper boundary of the At(o)mic Plane is also known as the At(o)mic Limit and the planes above this limit are referred to as the Great Planes.

The Anupadaka Plane

The Anupadaka plane is part of the Great Planes, and the first plane of Non-Material Being. Therefore, if one could experience this realm, they would be only a point of consciousness in a place where everything is a part of everything else. It is said that this place is where all paradoxes are tied together and would be beyond our current limited comprehension. It is the upper boundary of Essential Form.

It is also said that millions of beings inhabit this place, but to try and understand their nature would be futile. It could be compared to a bacterium trying to understand the nature of a human; an impossible task.

The Adi Plane & ‘God’ Source

The Adi Plane is the highest plane of the seven planes of existence and encompasses the sub-planes of Essential Light and Sound, and Universal Intelligence. It is a place (like the Anupadaka Plane) which we could never comprehend at our current level. It is the plane of Non-Essential Form, and Completion. This plane is above the limit of “Self” or “I AM” and is infinite, timeless, formless, changeless, and indescribable.

This is the last of the seven planes of existence, and is also the last step back to the ‘God’ source or the source of all creation.



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