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" In order to arrive at a place we do not know,
we must go by a way we do not know"
St John of the Cross


The Out-Of-Body Experience

Simply put, an Out-Of-Body Experience (or OBE for short) is when the consciousness separates from the physical body and can function and travel independantly thereof. More difficultly put, it is a deeply personal and spiritual experience that can change a person forever... ...I was that person!

Breath Of Souls
by Synergy

Breath of Souls - Breath of Life;
Embraced within the purest light;

Carried on the Astral Winds;
Questing valiant through the night;

Transcending sacred inner goals;
Emerging with profound insight;

As the mortal world rescinds;
Share in ecstasy’s delight.

Spirit-Quest: Journey Out-Of-Body
A free e-book by Synergy

Learn about the Out-of-Body Experience: includes some journal entries, an in-depth theory section, personal observations, practical section including techniques, and even some of my OBE inspired poetry.

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